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Spindles, a technical machines are part of, so you should have any questions relating to your application, wiring, and configuration best contact by phone, so you can take care of a PDS spindle technicians to your concern. Some questions, however, be made more frequently than others. This section deals with some of the most common questions. Should still be a little unclear, answered our Application and service group your technical questions. Contact PDS by phone +49 (0) 5221 / 69 44 00 or E-Mail Keep ready your spindle model number and spindle serial number.

How Do I Send In a Repair?

To start the spindle repair process, first, submit a repair form here. After submitting the form, print a copy of it and place it in the box with your spindle. We will contact you after your spindle has been received, disassembled and evaluated.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Provide?

PDS provides a twelve-month warranty on all repair work and a one-year warranty on all new spindles. Our industry-leading, 24-month PrecisionCare warranty is available with the addition of a Spindle Health Monitoring System.

Is My Spindle Worth Repairing?
Once your spindle has been disassembled and evaluated, our technical experts will assess the cost of repairs, as well as the cost of a replacement spindle, and will recommend which would be most cost-effective.
How Much Will It Cost To Repair My Spindle?
There is no set price for spindle repairs. Because PDS only repairs parts of the spindle that are damaged, the cost of repair cannot be determined until the spindle has been disassembled and evaluated by our technicians.
What Is The Best Way To Ship My Spindle?
In the case of spindles under 35 kg, we recommend UPS Ground. In the case of spindles than 35 kg the shipping by UPS will recommend to Freight on a pallet. As a result, we minimized the risk of transport damage.
How Long Will My Repair Take?

Similar to the cost, there is no fixed time period for a spindle repair, as every repair is different.  On customer request, our can Experts from technical Support to you a repair time assessment for the particular case in. Should you need an emergency repair,  please inform us so that we can the options to speed up the process, you can discuss.

Question About Spindle Repairs?

Our trained spindle experts are available to help solve your production challenges.

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