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Spindles from HSD – PDS Offers Expert Repairs and Minimizes Downtime

At Precision Drive Systems (PDS), we have been passionately focused on the distribution, manufacture, and repair of spindles of various types and manufacturers since our founding in 1996. Our highly qualified technicians, who have many years of experience in this field, use all their expertise to provide you with a first-class HSD repair in case of a defect. Defekts eine erstklassige HSD-Reparatur zu bieten. 

The repair service for HSD spindles and numerous other brands is integral to our daily business operations. Our repair time frame is 3-5 business days for a standard repair, plus shipping time. Our fast and reliable 24 hour emergency service is also available upon request, so your particularly urgent concerns can be dealt with promptly.

Efficient Solutions for your Italian Quality Spindles: The Path to HSD Repair

The HSD spindle is constantly exposed to high loads as a central element of many CNC machines. To minimize downtime and extend the life of your HSD spindle, it is crucial to respond early to signs of wear or defects. Our HSD repair services are designed to help you restore your spindle to full performance as quickly as possible.

To initiate HSD Repair :

  • To initiate a repair for your HSD spindle please first fill out the request form on our website. A copy of the completed form will be sent to you by email and must be printed out and enclosed with the shipment of your spindle.
  • For repairs under warranty, please get in touch with our service hotline at: +49 (0) 5221 / 69 44 00
  • If you need an emergency repair, please get in touch with us first by telephone at +49 (0) 5221 / 69 44 00
  • Send your HSD spindle prepaid to PDS for repair. Our staff will inspect your unit, provide a repair quote, and contact you.
  • Your HSD spindle will usually be repaired plus return shipping within 3-5 working days. From the day of dispatch, you will receive a 12-month guarantee on the repaired spindle, which we will return to you in new factory condition.

Reliable HSD Repair for a Defective Spindle

We know that the smooth functionality of your spindles is crucial to your company's success. That's why we're always available to troubleshoot problems by repairing damage, optimizing performance or carrying out preventive maintenance. Discover our extensive service package that will help you extend the life of your spindle and minimize production downtimes in your company.

Our HSD Repair includes the Following Services:

  • Disassembly and cleaning: Before the repair begins, your HSD spindle will be inspected, and the sensors may be tested and then precisely disassembled. Our employees will carefully document everything to ensure error-free assembly. A thorough cleaning removes all dirt particles and deposits. You will receive a damage report and a repair quote.
  • Replacing defective components: After you have approved the repair offer, the defective components will be replaced or, if possible, reconditioned. These can be, for example, seals, damaged bearings, fans, or drive elements.
  • Assembly: We then reassemble your spindle with the utmost precision and care, paying particular attention to the correct alignment and adjustment of the individual components.
  • Test run: As the final step in the repair process, each spindle is finely balanced and run-in to test functionality in a controlled manner. At this stage, our responsible technicians check the concentricity of the spindle. A detailed initial inspection report will be created and sent to you with the repaired spindle. You will also receive a form with instructions on correctly starting your motor spindle.

Shipping and Warranty after HSD Repair

After successful repair, the spindle is carefully, well-padded, and returned to its original transport packaging. If the existing packaging is damaged or you prefer new packaging, we will use a robust special cardboard box. Together with the spindle, you will receive a detailed test report and all shipping documents. Shipping is handled according to your specifications and we ensure that the spindle gets to you from the factory. PDS GmbH guarantees the quality of both new and reconditioned spindles for 12 months from the shipping date.

Improved System Diagnostics and Extended Warranty for Optimal Performance

PDS bietet Ihnen zusätzlich die Möglichkeit, bei uns ein Spindelzustandsüberwachungssystem (SHMS) zu erwerben und in diesem Zusammenhang eine optionale 24-monatige PrecisionCare-Garantie in Anspruch zu nehmen. Das sensorbetriebene System wird direkt an der Spindel montiert. Mit dieser herausragenden Inspektionsleistung von PDS können Sie Ihre Spindel zukünftig in Echtzeit überwachen und auf diese Weise Ihre Lebensdauer maximieren. Denn die SHMS-Zustandsüberwachungstechnologie ermöglicht es, etwaige Lager- oder Temperaturanomalien rechtzeitig zu erkennen und darauf zu reagieren. Mit der optionalen 24-monatigen PrecisionCare℠SM-Garantieverlängerung vermeiden Sie in den folgenden zwei Jahren weitere, kostspielige Reparaturen und mögliche Probleme bei der Beschaffung von Ersatzteilen für Ihre HSD-Spindel. Melden Sie sich jetzt und erfahren Sie mehr über unser Angebot!

Excellent service from PDS - Avoid Long Downtimes with VibeAid℠

VibeAid from PDS enables effective on-site diagnosis and reporting of spindle vibrations, a critical indicator of impending failures. By identifying problems such as bearing damage early, cost-effective repairs can be made to avoid expensive downtime. Unplanned machine tool spindle failures can result in significant costs, including transportation, repairs, employee downtime, and business interruptions. VibeAid provides real-time performance data to ensure a comprehensive solution to minimize downtime alongside time-based preventive maintenance.

PDS will Handle Your HSD Repair and Those of Many Other Brands

If you need a reliable partner for an HSD repair, you have come to the right place with PDS. From initial contact to diagnosis and rapid repairs - we are at your side throughout the entire process to ensure that your machines will soon be fully operational again. Do you have any questions about our spindle repairs or the repair process? Then please get in touch with us. Please submit your questions or comments using our contact form or send us an email to Of course, you can always reach us by phone at +49 (0) 5221 / 69 44 00. In addition to HSD repair, we also offer repair services for many other brands of spindles. Contact us for more information, and trust us to take care of your spindle repair, no matter the make or model.

HSD Replacement Spindles

Now there’s a plug-and-play replacement with the same specs as the most popular router spindle on the market. The PDS Ultratech offers the same configuration of the HSD models 915, 919 and 929, including:

  • Pneumatic and electrical connections
  • Center height of the shaft and C-Axis mounting
  • “T” slots and mounting bolt size
  • Air pressure and flow requirements
  • Electrical harness and fan voltage

Enjoy outstanding performance with the PDS Ultratech bolt on solution at a fraction of the cost of a new HSD spindle.

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