Tool Presetter

First-class tool holder and spindle accessories

PDS offers a complete range of high quality Tool holders and spindle accessories. We develop spindle complete packages for faster operation as well as Plug-and-Play operation, including spindles, drives, harnesses and tool packages, which can be adapted exactly to your application.

When your spindle package arrives, it will be ready for installation, and closer to machine power-on in the shortest possible time and with minimum delay.

Tool Holders, Custom Spindle Packages & Spindle Accessories

Tool packages include, among others:

Cutting tools, tool holder, tool change grippers, keys, and more. If you need a tool accessories, you can rely on rapid and professional Service of PDS.

Main Features:

  • High quality tools and accessories
  • ISO, BT, HSK tool holders
  • Manual tool Chuck type ER, OZ, and Hydro
  • Precision grinding for more accuracy and longer service life
  • Tool grippers for many automatic tool changer
  • Fork - and collet wrench
  • Customized PDS-tool packages

Question About Spindle Repairs?

Our trained spindle experts are available to help solve your production challenges.

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